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Hans Ahlgren, B.S., M.S., P.E. - Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Ahlgren has over 35 years of experience in designing, engineering and managing the construction and expansion of petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities around the world for Exxon and Astra-Zeneca.
  Sarkis Barkhoudarian, B.S., M.S. - Electrical Engineering / Remote & Non-Destructive Inspection
Mr. Barkhoudarian has over 35 years of industrial experience with GM, Detroit Edison, Bendix, Rockwell and Boeing, and is now available to consult on instrumentation for automotive, aerospace and utility systems. He specializes in manufacturing process control and in-situ inspection. Mr. Barkhoudarian has chaired the SAE Condition Monitoring System Conference and the NASA Strategic Avionics Instrumentation Committee. He is listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering.
  Gert F. Baumann, Ph.D. - Chemistry, Elastomers & Materials Science
Dr. Baumann recently retired after 40 years with Bayer AG and Mobay Chemical Company as Director for Environmental and Industry Issues. He is a world-renowned chemist who has specialized in polycarbonates and polyurethanes. He has chaired the steering committee for the Government-Industry Joint Research Project to evaluate alternative foam blowing agents and has been an advisor to the World Bank on rigid polyurethane foams for the appliance and construction industries.
  Julie L. S. Bell, Ph.D. - Geochemistry & Environmental Science
Dr. Bell has extensive experience in the effects of organic materials in soils, their disintegration over time, and their reaction with metallic contaminants. She is skilled in interpreting and conducting a wide range of analytical techniques and procedures used in the analysis of soils.
  Graham E. C. Bell, Ph.D., P. E. - Corrosion Engineering
Dr. Bell's expertise includes the evaluation and design of cathodic protection and other corrosion control measures for water and waste water treatment plant equipment, water storage tanks, hydraulic elevator cylinders, and buried fuel tanks. He also has special experience in electrochemistry, corrosion monitoring, and the evaluation of residential plumbing problems.
  Kyle Bishop, B.A., M.P.H. - Asbestos & Environmental Evaluation
Mr. Bishop has over 30 years of experience with industry, government and laboratories in the identification, analysis and evaluation of hazardous wastes, occupational health and environmental chemistry problems. He has a Master's degree in Public Health and manages a laboratory with NVL4P AIHA and CALELAP accreditation.
  Kenneth Bonesteel, B.S., P.E. - Water Resources Evaluation & Management
Since 1986, Mr. Bonesteel has been Project Engineer, Director of Operations, District Engineer, and Project Manager for the West Kern Water District and the Kern Water Bank Authority. In these capacities, he has planned, designed and managed the construction, administered water resource facilities and negotiated water purchases, sales, transfers and exchanges. He has prepared and instituted a Stringent Water Quality Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and an SB198 Safety Plan.

Sandy Browne - Biomechanics, Automotive Passenger Restraint Systems
Ms. Browne served for 10 years as an Investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board and for ten years as a contract Investigator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Since 1992 she has been a independent consultant, primarily involved with litigation, in the areas of biomechanics, seatbelt safety, child restraint systems, air bags, motor vehicle conspicuity and accident reconstruction.

William Buckingham, Jr. - Truck Fleet Maintenance & Safety
Mr. Buckingham was with Chevron USA, Inc. (Southwest Division) for 34 years in truck fleet maintenance procedures, accident investigation, safety practices, mechanical failure analysis, vehicle fragment identification, compliance regulations: D.O.T., B.l.T., C.A.R.B. and O.S.H.A. For the past 17 years, he has been an independent industrial and litigation consultant.
George J. Caird, B.S., P.E. - Accident Investigation, Trucks & Trailers
Mr. Caird has over 35 years experience in the design, manufacture, test and marketing of commercial trailers, including 9 years as Director of Engineering for Utility Trailers and 4 years as Chief Engineer at Fruehauf. Since 1989, he has been an independent consultant to the trailer industry and in litigation regarding truck and trailer accidents, including investigation, reconstruction, failure analysis and human factors.
  Raymond Chace, R.E.A., C.S.P., P.E. - Safety Engineering
Mr. Chace has over 40 years of experience in the application of safety principles to all phases of the construction, manufacturing and petroleum industries, including training, compliance evaluation and accident investigation, reconstruction and prevention. He is a Certified Safety Professional and has consulted and testified in numerous litigation matters.
  LeRoy Crandall, B.S., P.E. - Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering
Since the early 1940's, Mr. Crandall has been active with major engineering and consulting companies on the West Coast, including Dames & Moore, LeRoy Crandall & Associates and Law/Crandall. In 1999, he formed Crandall Consultants, Inc. specializing in geotechnical forensic engineering services.
  Matthew Creager, Ph.D., D.E.R. - Structural Analysis & Damage Tolerance
Dr. Creager has over thirty-five years of experience in structural analysis, finite element analysis, vibration, fatigue, fracture mechanics, and damage tolerance of structures and components. He is also experienced in obtaining structural certifications to meet U.S.A.F., F.A.A. and N.A.S.A. requirements. Dr. Creager is an FAA Designated Engineering Representative for Aircraft Structures.
  E. Phillip Dahlberg, Ph.D., P.E. - Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
Dr. Dahlberg has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of areas including the Naval Research Laboratory, Universal Oil Products and Exxon Nuclear Co. He has also consulted in the areas of failure analysis, structural serviceability of materials, industrial accident causation, and product liability. He has published on the causes of pipeline failures and heat exchanger problems. Dr. Dahlberg has worked extensively in litigation matters as an expert witness.
  David F. Doyle, M.S., P.E. - Mechanical Engineering / Pressure Vessels & Piping
Mr. Doyle is a mechanical design engineer with over 12 years experience in facilities piping systems and pressure vessel design (ASME Sec. VIII). He has been a pressure vessel specialist throughout his career (including two pressure vessel manufacturers). Mr. Doyle is also experienced in a wide variety of engineering studies, including fluid flow and stress analysis.
  David A. Edson, B.S., P.E. - Mechanical Engineer / Construction Project Manager
Mr. Edson has over 40 years of experience in the design and construction of airport facilities, medical centers, bulk fuel and pipeline storage systems, co-generation power plants, desalinization facilities, fire protection pumping and distribution systems, hydroelectric facilities, fossil fuel plants, power transmission lines, rocket propulsion systems, including the handling and storage of fuels and oxidizers. He is experienced in litigation procedures and has testified both in deposition and trial.
  Harvey L. Eidinoff, B.S., P.E. - Mechanical Engineer / Airframe Structural Analysis
In his 40+ years of engineering experience, Mr Eidinoff been responsible for the structural integrity of several major airframe programs, including static and fatigue analysis, full-scale testing and manufacture. He has developed and applied fatigue and fracture mechanics methodology to the analysis and design of aerospace structural systems.
Bernard P. Faas, B.S. - Welding Metallurgy
With over 40 years as a metallurgist and welding specialist in industry and as a consultant to industrial and legal/insurance entities, Mr. Faas has acquired a broad background in fabrication and repair procedures, evaluation of welds and welding processes, inspection procedures and requirements, the application of industrial codes and standards, and failure analysis and fracture evaluation. Mr. Faas is also experienced in litigation matters.
Morris S. Farkas, B.S., M.S., P.E. - Civil Engineer & Safety Engineer
Mr. Farkas has over 25 years of experience in safety, as a Bridge & Highway Engineer with CalTrans, as a Safety Engineer with CalOSH, and as a Gas Pipeline & Electrical Safety Engineer with the California P.U.C. The past 20 years he has been an industrial safety consultant, including construction, demolition, and evaluation of warning labels and safety instructions, and as an expert in litigation matters.
Marc A. Firestone, Ph.D. - Accident Reconstruction, Fire Cause & Origin, Criminal Investigations
After 20 years with high technology industries, Dr. Firestone has been a forensic investigator and consultant for the past 10 years, handling complex cases involving the application of physical science and engineering principles. His cases have ranged from slip/trip and fall, to vehicular accidents, from fire investigations to criminal and ballistic matters. Dr. Firestone has consulted with numerous private law firms, insurance companies and governmental agencies, including the City of Los Angeles, the Public Defender's Office, CalTrans, and the State of California Attorney General's Office.
Eric P. Fox, B.S., M.S. - Statistical Analysis, Experimental Design & Modeling
Mr. Fox consults in the area of applied statistics with emphasis in data analysis, experimental design, and mathematical modeling. He specializes in multi-variant statistical research and statistical approaches to the analysis of complex systems, such as aircraft and rocket engines, and corrosion studies. He is experienced in the preparation and presentation of his work in litigation matters.
Leon Gottlieb - Restaurant, Hotel & Franchise Consultant
Mr. Gottlieb has more than 40 years of hands-on experience in all phases of the restaurant, hotel and franchising industries. He was a Partner at IHOP & V.P. National Restaurant Operations, Site Selection & Franchising. He was also President of the Copper Penny Family Restaurant chain. Mr. Gottlieb has been an Instructor at UCLA for 26 years, a columnist for Restaurant Business magazine, and has consulted extensively industrially and as an expert for litigation.
  William G. Graves, B.S. - Physics; Computer Software Specialist
Mr. Graves has spent 34 in computers and software. He personally authored two leading spreadsheets, including one for VisiCorp. As president and lead programmer for his private corporation, he developed over 18 retail software packages including many on the bestseller lists. Mr. Graves has worked with North American Rockwell, Booz-Allen, Xerox, RCA, and many other major corporations, on real-time, satellite, entertainment, and PC systems. He also consults on software management policies.
  Alvin Greenberg, Ph.D., F.A.I.C. - Toxic/Hazardous Risk Assessment & Occupational Health
Dr. Greenberg has worked for over twenty years in toxic substance risk assessment, hazardous waste management, process safety management, pollution prevention, water quality, air quality, and occupational health. Dr. Greenberg has been a consultant to several governmental agencies as well as to industry and in litigation matters, was appointed by the Governor to the California Occupational Safety & Health Board, and was elected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists.
Mohammad R. Hariri, B.S., M.S., P.E. - Civil & Structural Engineering
Mr. Hariri has been designing residential, commercial and industrial structures for twenty years, including the inspection and retrofit of earthquake damaged structures. He has also been responsible for the design of highway sign support systems, amusement rides, wind turbine towers, and steel storage tanks.
  Ronald Heemeier, B.S., D.E.R. - Mechanical Engineering / Aircraft Powerplants
Mr. Heemeier has extensive experience in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of both piston and turbine aircraft powerplants with Pratt & Whitney, American Airlines, TigerAir and as a consultant. He has been a Designated Engineering Representative of the FAA in the area of Powerplants since 1982.
Kenneth H. Holko, P.E., B.S. - Materials Engineer Specializing in Welding & Brazing
Mr. Holko's career has included the entire landscape of welding, brazing and heat-treating of materials with applications in aerospace, nuclear, gas turbines, medical implants, surgical equipment, fossil-fuel fired pressure vessels, as well as commercial and consumer goods, at NASA/Lewis, Rohr Industries, General Atomic Company, and as the president of Hitech Metallurgical Co. During his career, he has received numerous awards and commendations, including a NASA Special Achievement Award. He has twelve patents granted or pending and many technical publications. He has been an independent consultant for over 20 years and has had extensive litigation experience.
  Richard J. Hornick, Ph.D., C.P.E., FHF&E - Human Factors & Ergonomics
Dr. Hornick's career includes managing the human factors departments at Bostrom Corp., North American Aviation, Litton Industries and Hughes Aircraft. He has been the President and is a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and is a Certified Professional Ergonomist. In 1980-82, he was appointed and served on a select team investigating the Three Mile Island accident for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He has had extensive litigation experience.
Kerri M. Howell, B.S., P.E. - Civil & Corrosion Engineering
Ms. Howell has over 20 years of civil and corrosion engineering experience including research, product development, planning, design, construction, and inspection in the transportation and corrosion control industries. She has specialized in corrosion evaluation and methods of reducing or eliminating corrosion problems and has extensive experience in failure analysis, teaching, and litigation consulting. Two of Ms. Howell's fortes are cathodic protection and the corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete.
William H. Isé, B.S. Engineering, J. D. – Truck Accidents, Safety & Product Liability; Legal & Regulatory Issues
Mr. Isé has recently become a consultant after having served as general counsel for a major, national manufacturer of heavy duty construction type trucks, truck bodies and other products. He is available to consult on the development of litigation strategies in truck and vehicle accident matters, including concrete transit mixers and refuse packers, regulatory and legal issues, safety, warnings and other factors affecting product liability. His prior experience includes service with the United States Navy as a nuclear propulsion engineer, chief engineer, deck watch officer, military judge, judge advocate, and proctor in admiralty; admiralty trial attorney with the United States Department of Justice; and senior trial attorney with a large Southern California law firm.

J. William Jones, Ph.D., P.E., FASME
Dr. Jones has extensive experience in mechanical engineering of complex systems, in stress analysis, and in the development and application of finite element computer programs.   His work includes thermal analysis, dynamic analysis, non-linear analysis and the design and fabrication of pressure vessels to ASME code.   He has provided his technical support and engineering consultation to many major companies, including Westinghouse, Hughes Aircraft, General Electric, Solar Turbines, BP-ARCO, Honeywell and Kodak.   

Dr. Jones has served as White House Fellow in the President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, primarily on Homeland Defense, and in recognition of his outstanding work in this area, has been awarded follow-on contracts to continue this work.   In recognition of the outstanding work that Dr. Jones has accomplished during his career, he has been elected a Fellow of both ASME and IAE.   He has extensive litigation experience in product liability and patent actions for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Robert R. Judd, Ph.D. - Metallurgical Engineering / Rolling Mills & Electrical Sheets
Dr. Judd has over 30 years experience in process/product development, including tin mill products, temperature and wear resistant materials, rolling mill rolls, molding grade steel powder, electrical sheets and annealing furnaces. Failure analysis of a wide variety of products has been a focus of much of his work. Dr. Judd also has managed a business quality program based on statistical process control.
Prof. Musa R. Kamal, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering / Molding of Plastics
Since 1961, Prof. Kamal has devoted his scientific efforts in the understanding of polymers in terms of their chemistry, structure, formability, manufacture and use. He has consulted for most of the major chemical companies in North America and to the government of Morocco to develop a five year industrial development plan. He is the holder of six patents and has received many honors for his work, including being elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
  Bahram Kapadia, Ph.D. - Metallurgical Engineering
Dr. Kapadia has over 35 years of industrial experience with U. S. Steel Corporation and consulting in the development of special steel alloys, heat treating and welding of steel, and the analysis of the failures of wrought and cast alloys. He has chaired seminars and short courses in failure analysis and is experienced in litigation.
Lawrence Kashar, Ph.D., F.A.S.M. - Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
Dr. Kashar has over forty years of experience in metallurgical evaluations and alloy development, the analysis of failures of both metallic and non-metallic components, materials trade-off studies, contaminant identification and pollution analysis. He also has over twenty years of litigation experience for both plaintiffs and defendants in State and Federal courts across the country. Dr. Kashar has recently been elected as a Fellow of the ASM (American Society for Materials International).
Myron Kayton, Ph.D., P.E., F.I.E.E.E. - Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Kayton has over 40 years of experience with industry, aerospace, and consulting in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineering with AVCO Research, C.S. Draper Labs, Litton Guidance & Control, NASA-Johnson (Deputy Manager, Lunar Module Electronics) and TRW Systems. He was President of the Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society and is a Fellow of IEEE. He has had extensive experience in avionics and in both product liability and patent litigation, such as16,000 volt oil-filled switches, advertising sign electronics, automobile control modules, and avionic navigation systems.
  Karl B. Keller, B.S., M.B.A. - Electrical Engineer / Computer Hardware & Software
For over 35 years Mr. Keller has been involved in the design, testing and manufacture of a wide variety of products and systems for industrial, medical, commercial and military clients. His experience also includes extensive software development for microprocessors, PC-based systems, and more complex operating environments.
Willem J. Kernkamp, B.S., M.S., D.E.R. - Aerodynamics & Aircraft Structures
Mr. Kernkamp specializes in aerodynamics and aerodynamic loads analysis. He is a Designated Engineering Representative for the F.A.A. in the area of Structural Certification. Mr. Kernkamp is also experienced in finite element analysis and dynamic analysis, and has applied his expertise on the design of the bulb keel of AStars and Stripes@ in the 1992 America's Cup, flutter analysis on the DC-8 and 707, and the capsizing of the tug, TEMI IV, litigated before the High Court of the Netherlands.
  Louis D. Koshar, B.C.E., M.C.E., P. E. - Civil & Structural Engineering
Mr. Koshar has a strong background in the planning, design, and construction of multi-disciplined engineering projects. He has been charged with the ultimate responsibility for engineering standards, design, and construction engineering procedures and quality control of completed work. As Chief Engineer for a major structural engineering company he interacts with the project staff on key technical issues, reviews the suitability and feasibility of designs and construction programs, and establishes procedures for quality assurance and control. He has unusually broad experience in the design, construction, inspection, and restoration of large complex structures including bridges of all types and sizes, such as the Gramercy Bridge over the Mississippi.
  Martin M. Koshar, B.S. - Corporate & Project Management / Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Koshar has over thirty-five years of experience including management of corporate entities and major high technology programs, including the turn-around of the Pershing missile program to its successful conclusion and the LANTIRN airborne night vision program. He specializes in technical and management program reviews and manufacturing/quality systems.
  Harvey Kreitenberg - Plumbing & Fire Sprinkler Specialist
Mr. Kreitenberg has over 20 years experience as a journeyman plumber and has licenses as a plumbing, automatic fire sprinkler, and general contractor. In addition, he is a Certified Plumbing Inspector, a Certified Mechanical Inspector and a Certified Plumbing Code Specialist, and is an experienced litigation investigator and expert witness in these areas.
  Gordon E. Lakso, B.S., M.S., P.E. - Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
Mr. Lakso has over 30 years of experience in metallurgy with U.S. Army Ordnance, Airco Vacuum Metals, as Chief Metallurgist for Anamet Laboratories, and as an independent consultant. His work has included almost every aspect of metallurgy and materials science. He has specialized in the analysis of failures for both industry and litigation.
  Herman Light - Bus Engineering I Accident Analysis
Mr. Light has over 40 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacture, maintenance, and accident reconstruction of buses, including safety standards and quality control of school buses. He is experienced in the preparation of cases for trial and with deposition and court testimony.
  Holger Lukas, B.S., P.E., C.C.P. - Turbine Engines & Power Generation
Mr. Lukas has over 30 years of experience in power plant design, maintenance, trouble shooting and failure analysis. He has been a USCG licensed Marine Engineer, and is experienced in litigation. Mr. Lukas' work has covered land based power generation and co-generation, and industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines, including their fuels, lubrication, accessory systems, and operating efficiency. He is a Certified Co-generation Professional.
  Douglas E. McCormac, B.S. - International Commerce I Business Practices / Electronics
Mr. McCormac has over 35 years experience in the design, manufacture and testing of Semiconductors and Electronic Systems for Commercial and Aerospace applications. For 20 years he ran a medium sized company that he founded which specialized in the design, production and sales of high tech products and technical services to the world's aerospace industries. He has served on U.S. Government Advisory Groups for the regulation of high tech exports. Over his career he has specialized in entrepreneurial business creation, the evaluation of product for reliability and serviceability, and the analysis of, and corrective action on, product failures.
  Prof. Kenneth C. Mills, Ph.D. - Metallurgical Thermodynamics I Steelmaking & Welding
An internationally recognized expert with more than 30 years experience in thermodynamics, steelmaking and welding, Prof. Mills has been the UK representative on the European Coal and Steel Community Committee and has acted as Coordinator for five ECM Commission projects as diversified as coke manufacture, continuous casting, and automatic welding.
  Frank F. Mittricker, B.S., M.S. - New Business Development
Mr. Mittricker's background in engineering and many years of industrial development experience has led him to a successful career in generating and developing new business models for various subsidiaries of Exxon and for his own entrepreneurial enterprises (Napa Valley winery, etc.).
M. Russell Nester
Mr. Nester is a Professional Engineer with an unusually broad spectrum of experience.   He has designed highway bridges, tunnels, tanks, towers, buildings, blast-resistant structures and rocket test stands.   He had also designed seismic repairs and retrofits of modern, historical and archaic buildings.  As a geotechnical engineer, he has performed site studies for and designed earth dams, thermal energy storage systems, large crane foundations and high-speed turbine foundations.    As a civil engineer, Mr. Nester has designed highways, private roads and performed storm water hydrology studies.  

In the past ten years, Mr. Nester has focused on advancing the state-of-practice of earthquake-resistant structural design in both new and retrofit projects and has published internationally on his work.   He also has extensive experience as a consultant and expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants.

  Robert Kirk Odian, B.S., M.S., P.E., D.E.R. - Structural Analysis
Mr. Odian has a wide range of experience in both industrial and litigation consulting, including such unusual projects as the structural and dynamic analysis of spacecraft for NASA and DOD, structural integrity programs for the USAF, Supplemental Type Certification programs as a Designated Engineering Representative for the FAA, and finite element analysis, fracture mechanics and fatigue crack growth calculations on failure analyses.
James V. Ouellet, B.A., M.A. - Motorcycle Accident Analysis / Motorcycle Helmet Safety
Mr. Ouellet was one of the principal researchers in the USC motorcycle safety project, and has extensive experienced in motorcycle accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and injury pattern analysis for both research and litigation purposes. He has specialized in motorcycle helmet testing & evaluation.
  Praful P. Patel, Ph.D., P.E. - Metallurgical Engineering / Risk Assessment
Dr. Patel has over 20 years of industrial experience specializing in failure analysis and metallurgical field inspections of large industrial equipment, such as power plants, petroleum refineries, pulp & paper producers, and chemical plant pressure vessels. For a large insurance group, he was the project manager for engineering risk assessment and statutory inspections of insured equipment. Dr. Patel directed technical support of engineering underwriters, loss adjusters, engineering surveyors, and non-destructive inspectors.
  Anthony L. Paul, - Forensic Ballistics
Mr. Paul has over 30 years of experience with major law enforcement agencies and has specialized in firearms examinations, ballistics and other, related, forensic services. He has extensive litigation and trial experience.
C. L. (Chip) Pedersen, B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Mr. Pedersen has been working in computer animation for over 20 years, producing videos of satellite systems, the Space Station video for the Space Station Exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum and interactive games for SONY PlayStation. Since 1997, he has been providing storyboards, 2D/3D modeling/animation and video generation for litigation matters including truck-vehicle intersection collisions, motorcycle accidents, and biometric and biomechanics animation.
  Stanley Pinel, B.S., M.S., P.E. - Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Pinel has over 30 years of industrial and consulting experience primarily in the area of the design, test and fabrication of roller bearings and rotating machinery. For many years he managed the R & D laboratory of a high technology roller bearing manufacturer, and as such, designed, analyzed, tested and selected bearings for specific applications.
  Elozor Plotke, B.S., M.S., P.E. - Electrical & Systems Engineering
Mr. Plotke has had extensive experience in the mechanical and electrical engineering of complex, high technology systems for national defense, communications, and consumer products. He is particularly expert in solving complex system problems, and finding the cause and corrective action for system failures.
Charles Mark Recard, B.S. - Mechanical Engineering / Construction & Hoisting Systems
Mr. Recard has over 25 years experience in the design, manufacture, maintenance, and safety procedures of construction equipment, cranes, hoists and aerial work platforms. He conducts operator and trainer training programs for manufacturers and users of construction equipment. Mr. Recard has given expert testimony on the design, maintenance, and usage of equipment, safety, and fall protection.
Stephen E. Reynolds,  B. S. Electrical & Mechanical Engineering;  CFPE ; P. E.
Since 1969, Mr. Reynolds has been involved in the engineering, design, and development of aerial lift equipment, insulated and non-insulated, both truck mounted and non-truck mounted.   He is also experienced with trailers, diggers, derricks and cranes.   He is currently a member of ISO/TC 214 US TAG committee, ASC (ANSI A92 & A92.2) and he has served on the ANSI/SIA A92.2-CSA C225 Harmonization working group committee for the aerial  types of equipment.   Mr. Reynolds has testified in deposition and trial and is an active consulting design engineer.
William Rosenbluth, B.S., M.S. - Electrical Engineering / Analysis of Electronic and Computer Vehicle Controls
Mr. Rosenbluth has over 40 years experience with complex electro-mechanical, electronic and computer components and systems. He held various technical positions at IBM, Hazeltine and Grumman before starting his consulting practice in 1986. As a consultant, he has specialized in the analysis of crash-related vehicle electronic data (black-box data), and has developed specialized testing techniques and methods for this work.

Mr. Rosenbluth has also designed and implemented several proprietary data analysis and interrogation tools that provide more detailed vehicle information than is normally available with commercial or dealer-level vehicle test equipment. These systems include DATAQ, a data-acquisition system that performs as a "flight recorder" for vehicle road tests, and special EEPROM data upload/download interfaces, specifically for vehicle SRS/air bag and ABS computers. He has authored a book entitled, "Investigation and Interpretation of Black Box Data in Automobiles", which was jointly published by the ASTM and SAE in 2001.
  Ram B. Roy, B.S., M.S. - Metallurgical Engineering / Nuclear & Fuel Cells
Mr. Roy's 30 years of expertise includes the development and evaluation of specialized materials for both nuclear and fuel cell applications and corrosion resistant materials for various corporations and governmental entities in Sweden, France, U.K. and the U.S.
  Prof. Mark S. Sanders, Ph.D., CHFP - Human Factors & Ergonomics
Since 1971, Prof. Sanders has been engaged in research, teaching and consulting in human factors and ergonomics. He is Past-President and a Fellow of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, as well as a Certified Human Factors Professional. He has written extensively in this field, including being the senior author of the widely used textbook, Human Factors in Engineering and Design, McGraw-Hill. Prof. Sanders has extensive experience in the application of human factors to accident reconstruction and litigation.
  Benedict Schlefelbein, Ph.D. - Chemistry
For over 25 years, Dr. Schlefelbein has specialized in micro-chemistry and materials problem solving in areas such as the evaluation of cement products, asbestos identification and mineral wool performance.
  William F. Schultheis, B.S., P.E. - Fires & Explosions
Since 1976, Mr. Schultheis has been engaged as a forensic engineer in the investigation and analysis of fires and explosions, including the Elk Hills Blowout, the MGM Grand Hotel, One Meridian Plaza (Philadelphia) and the Redondo Beach Pier. He acts as a consultant to many Fire Departments and corporations. He is a licensed Safety Engineer and a Certified Fire Investigator, with extensive litigation experience.
Norman H. Schutzberger, B.S., M.B.A. – Electrical-Mechanical-Hydraulic Systems
Mr. Schutzberger has been involved for over 35 years with the design, manufacture, test and analysis of high technology equipment including individual components, satellites, launch vehicles and space flight systems. He presently serves as the NASA Headquarters Technical Assistant for Program Management with oversight authority on NASA robotic missions. He previously has been a member of the Space Launch Range Safety Committee of the National Academy of Sciences, analyzed early designs for the Space Telescope and Earth Observing System Satellites, and has consulted with Lloyd’s for assessing satellite launch risks. His broad background has been a key element in the analysis and correction of malfunctions of equipment both in space projects and earth-bound transportation equipment.
Shahram Sheybany, Ph.D.  Corrosion/Materials Science
Dr. Sheybany has specialized in the failure analysis and corrosion of metals and alloys, including fracture analysis, high and low temperature oxidation and corrosion, corrosion protection, and microstructure-properties relationships.  

In his own laboratory, he has available for himself and his clients a complete metallurgical evaluation facility featuring the largest scanning electron microscope chamber available West of the Mississippi.  He has extensive experience in the use of the electron microscope and other sophisticated analytical techniques that are required to obtain the data necessary for a thorough examination of product defect claims, and has done so for both plaintiffs and defendants.

  Michael Strizich - Microelectronic Failure Analysis & Quality Assurance
Mr. Strizich has been in charge of major microelectronic and aerospace laboratories tasked with determining the root cause of component and assembly problems, recommending corrective action, and developing procedures for determining whether a particular production lot will exhibit the long term reliability desired.
Robert Tarozzi, B.S., M.S. - Automotive Engineer / Accident Reconstruction
Since 1965 Mr. Tarozzi has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of a variety of production and racing automotive vehicles and engines. He has broad litigation experience in the inspection of accident vehicles and reconstruction of complex automobile accidents.
  Ralph N. Todd, B.S. - Mechanical Engineer / Vehicular Accident Reconstruction
From the mid-1960's to the mid-1980's, Mr. Todd worked for several major automobile and race car manufacturers in the U.S. and internationally in design, dynamic analysis, and testing to ensure compliance with FMVSS. Since 1987, he has been a consultant specializing in accident reconstruction to determine vehicle dynamics and accident causation.
  Anthony J. Vilante, B.S., D.E.R. - Aircraft Powerplants
Since 1985, Mr. Vilante has worked for major commercial passenger airlines and turbojet engine repair and overhaul facilities. In these positions he has interfaced with engine OEM, designed and analyzed components and sections of engines, performed engine monitoring and performance studies, and was responsible for the design and certification of the Jetcruzer 500 composite aircraft. He is a designated engineering representative (DER) for the FAA for aircraft powerplants.
May T. Wong, Ph.D. - Chemistry / Organic Chemistry
Dr. Wong has had over 15 years experience in chemical identification, failure analysis and problem solving in plastics and rubbers, medical devices, electronic materials, adhesives and coatings, oils and lubricants, cosmetics, contamination control, and CFC (ODP) alternatives. She is also experienced in evidence inspection and analysis, trial preparation, and testimony.

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